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Nicola Bhardwaj’s Quarantine’s Life


Nicola Bhardwaj
Primary positions held:
‘Mom’ to a well behaved German Shepherd, ‘Referee’ between a 17 & 15-year-old.
‘Grooming & Personality Coach’ to the rest of the world

COVID 19 hit me, from right out of the blue. Till I was actually under lockdown, it hadn’t occurred to me that this would be a game-changer. For that matter even after, I felt this was 21-day stay home, enjoy family reunion, feast on your favourite treats kinda phase. But, as the numbers kept climbing the charts, it began to sink in. This was not to be taken lightly.
With no house-help, each day began getting more and more exhausting. I began reaching out for help from the kids and hubby dearest on a regular basis… Till very soon an allocation of jobs fell organically into place based on skillset.
The other thing that started happening was family and friends started connecting suddenly over video chat. As if video chat didn’t exist earlier. Reaching out has now become the new normal. We feel a void from lack of physical company of people. People would meet in the course of our workdays and hectic social weekends.

It’s all reversing, the world and nature are correcting. We are going back to a form of basic living, focusing on our needs more than our wants, the environment is healing, the ozone is mending, the people who matter are back on our radar, the family unit is connecting. This is what, I intend to keep intact when the lockdown lifts. Post-Covid will be a different world and this is what I’m taking there with me.

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