Sweta Agrawal

While many superlatives come to mind while describing entrepreneur and curator Sweta Agrawal, elegance and classy aesthetics are closest. Inspired by rich Rajasthani heritage, Sweta is passionate to create designs that appeal to the strong and confident Indian woman. The seeds of a career in fashion, were sown in the formative years where she felt a lack of craftsmanship and detailing in main fashion. As a teenager, she often designed her own clothes and that is where the fascination took the next step. Travels to exotic destinations,exposed her to international trends added to the lure and formed the building blocks for A Humming Way.

Pallavi Poddar

Even in her early days, Pallavi has never shied away from experimenting with her clothing. That's why, even though it used to be out-of-the-box and breaching the comfort zone of most of the fashionistas, she would still be widely appreciated for her uniqueness of thought and style. Being trained as a Jewellery designer and pursuing it for years, only enhanced her interest in clothing. Like Sweta, the rich heritage of her land inspires her too.


Being from business families, fashion and design were never really reasonable career options for any of them. In their growing years, family business and other start-ups took a lead in the priority list and their interest in fashion remained just a hobby. However, they had opportunities of traveling, experiencing different cultures, their values and of course local craft which triggered interest towards fashion again and gave them courage, to take their dreams more seriously.

In November 2017, both decided to finally convert their passion into a full fledge career. They set up a workshop and created the brand’s maiden Khadi collection. A mélange of classic crisp cuts and Indian handloom, the collection reflects the designer’s and curator’s innate style and aesthetics.

Today A Humming Way (a Globus Infrastructure Company) is driven by a holistic vision of luxury and is inspired by the old world regalia of Rajasthan in India. The label’s taste in clothing is classic with clean and modern sensibilities in monotones, cutting across the borders and corners of the world. The silhouettes encompass a range of styles from fitted jackets, pants, long and short dresses and co-ords.