About the brand

AHW is a luxury clothing brand that specializes in experimental design using Khaadi and other Indian vegan textiles. We place our highest priority on differentiating and centering the feel of the textiles through our designs and are particular fans of decorating the garment with the textile’s own surface texture.

AHW tries to reimagine the fabrics that people in India have been wearing for centuries through the lens and perspective of the contemporary everyday to graceful occasion wear.

AHW is a strong believer in fair pay and hopes to someday be a vocal advocate for the same cause. The fashion industry of India benefits from a wide range of highly skilled workers many of whom are taken advantage of in the system due to the lack of knowledge and awareness of their worth. The bulk of the fabrics used for our collections come from three villages of generationally skilled handweavers in Ahmedabad and Rajasthan.

The brand was launched November of 2017. Our clothes are produced at our atelier in Juhu, Mumbai, India.

About the designer

The creative director of A Humming Way, Sweta Agrawal is the woman behind the collections presented under the label. Sweta has been a business woman for 8 years but was passionate about fashion design from a very young age. She had been engaging with the medium far before she officially decided to launch her label in the year 2017. In her formative years she felt a lack of craftsmanship and detailing in mainstream fashion. As a teenager, she often designed her own clothes and that is where the fascination started to brew.

The designer is influenced a great deal by her childhood spent shuttling between her ancestral homes in Nepal and Rajasthan, India. The grandeur of Rajasthani heritage and a Nepal of the 90’s is a stark bank of memories she draws inspiration from. She is heavily influenced by the cultures she witnesses on her travels. One of AHW’s prized and best-selling skirts was influenced by the garb of Bhutanese men and women alike.

Sweta believes in the fabrics India and other South Asian countries specialize in. Her craft is to experiment with their textures and feels to design pieces that wear well on the personalities that roam today’s social and cultural landscapes. People that approach what they put on their bodies through an anthropological perspective.