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36 Hours in Rika’s Quarantine Life


Hi! My name is Rika. I was born in the German countryside where I am also right now because of the pandemic. Usually, I live in New York these days and I study fashion design at Parsons – School of Design. Before studying fashion I studied economics in London at SOAS. I miss travelling and I cannot wait to learn more about the world and it’s citizens!

Rika’s quarantine life

Day 1

3:20 am –
Time to get up! Getting up soo early is unusual for me but it is the harvest time for the first cut of the grass this year and a group of people is heading out each morning to find baby deers with the help of a drone.

4:00 am –
Meeting time on some random field which will be harvested today.

8:30 am –
I reach back home. I’m exhausted but the four young deers we could carry out of the fields today were worth the early start.

8:45 am –
I change out of my rainwear, the fields are pretty wet in the early mornings.

9:00 am –
I have breakfast, some cut fruits, berries, yoghurt, seeds and then prepare bread with cheese, two carrots and a few tomatoes for the second breakfast.

9:30 am –
I reach my office and look at my schedule. Due to the deer mission, I start 1:30 hrs late but I don’t mind.

10:00 am –
I start at 10 because I’m actually pretty exhausted and took a few minutes to sit and rest.
The first thing I do is to create a bag prototype. I made the pattern on Monday and now cut out the fabric panels and sew them together.

11:00 am –
At 11, I usually eat my second breakfast.

11:20 am –
I started finishing the logo for a podcast /web series which I aim to record from June. It’s called Fashion and Rights and you can follow the process on @fashion and rights on Instagram.

12:30 pm –
I wanted to make another bag for my mother, I just remembered. So, I wrote down the specifics for how to sew the bag.

1:15 pm –
Lunchtime is in my family at 1:15 pm every day. Today we have salad and soup.

2:15 pm –
I get back to the office and start to do random things for 1:45 hrs. I had specific things planned but this week, I’m not very productive and focused.

4:00 pm –
A friend calls who I met in Delhi in Jan. We had to return to Germany because of COVID – 19. We mentor each other through career things and talking with him is always uplifting.

5:30 pm –
I look into an opportunity my friend just told me about and where he suggested me to apply.

7:00 pm –
I return home again for dinner with my family.

8:30 pm –
I go to sleep. A 3:20 am start is a bit much!

Day 2

6:30 am –
I wake up without an alarm and get ready.

7:00 am –
I grab the dog and go for my 30 minute morning walk which I do regularly unless I save deers in the morning. That already entails walking.

7.45 am-
I care for the cats and have breakfast. Today I had a banana, an apricot and a small plum with yoghurt.

8:00 am –
I make my way to the office and finish off the application I started yesterday.

9:00 am-
I sent the application to one of my girlfriends to comment on.

9:45 am –
I do random small tasks until 12:30 PM.

12:30 pm –
I make another pattern for a zero waste bag.

1:45 pm –
It’s lunchtime. Today we are having a salad, rice and fried vegetables with chicken.

2:00 pm –
I set off to buy some fabrics in an outlet that sells industry leftovers. I buy cotton and furnishing fabrics for bags.

3:00 pm –
I reach home by 3:10 PM and the 36 hours are over. For the rest of the day, I Skyped a friend who is my business mentor and soon I will have dinner. Tomorrow will be another very early start.

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